Our Museum of Innovation and Science library pass is back!  The pass provides access to two adults and two youths to both the museum and planetarium.  It can be checked out for 3 days and is available on a first come-first served basis.  Call us with any questions. Click here to see what other museum passes we have.

FYI, the system that UHLS uses to inform patrons that their requested books have arrived at the library or to let them know that books are overdue recently malfunctioned.  It stopped making calls for a time.  The system has been re-started so you may start receiving calls for books you have already picked up or returned. Feel free to call us at the library (674-5050) if you have any questions about your books or if you have recently requested a book and are wondering if it has arrived yet.


This did not effect patrons who use email to receive their notifications.


What happens at the library after dark?  Drop off a stuffed animal at the library by 4 PM on Friday, July 24th and then return to pick them up by 4 PM on Saturday, July 25th to see a slideshow of what they did during the night.


SLTL will be hosting a traveling pond on Wednesday, July 22 at 2 PM.  The pond has live fish, salamanders, frogs and insects that you can touch.  All ages welcome!

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