February Builders’ Club….

Evan’s Potato Heads                                         Adam’s Keva Tower

  Isaac’s Killing Car


Today’s December 12 Builders’ Club focused on KEVA planks and they were really creative.  Check these out…

A spiraling tower of KEVA planks

Radley Spiral

Radley Complex

Two open work towers of KEVA planks

Radley HQ under construction

Radley HQ, completed

Photos from our Tea Party on August 1, 2018.  The children enjoyed lemonade and baked goods while listening to a silly story.  Then they bedazzled a pair of sunglasses and made their own tipping tea pots.

Pictures from Big Truck Day 2018.  Thank you to the Sand Lake Dept of Public Works for bringing their cool trucks!

Everyone enjoyed Outdoor Fun on July 10, 2018:

Some examples of our Kindness Rocks from July 2, 2018

Photos from the 2018 Library Fair and Used Book Sale (Saturday, June 23, 2018)

Just a couple of examples from today’s Builders’ Club (Wednesday, April 4, 2018.


“Ginormous Nest” by Adam, age 8 1/2; and “Badmobile” by Isaac, age 10

Pictures from Hedgie Decorating (held Tuesday, April 3, 2018)

Check out the results of the March Builders’ Club…

    “A E Stairs” by Adam

  ” Evil Car & Lair” by Isaac

Photos from our most recent Builders Club.  Check our calendar for our next Builders Club meeting!

“A Monster’s House” by Vance, 5

“The Awesome Mountains” by Seamus, 7

“Can Man’s Lair” by Owen, 4

We’ve packed and shipped our first two boxes of books (157 books = 67 lb.) to hand out to the kids in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico!  We will continue shipping until December 31st so if you have new kids’ books to donate, get them to us before then.  Thanks to everyone for their donations and contributions towards shipping.


Some results from our Gift Wrapping/Ugly Sweater Party…

It’s Builders’ Club day (Nov 29)!  See what our builders have made…

The Death Mobile by Isaac…                         and Adam’s Office Tower..

Look at what one of our builders made today (Oct 25) with the Keva Planks……  

Monday (Oct 23) night’s Teen/Tween Halloween Painting Night was a hit!  What a great group of artists!

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, indoor

Check out this cool photo of the eclipse! We were able to put together a last minute viewing on Monday with a few pairs of glasses, a telescope and a couple of pinhole cameras made by some of our enthusiast young patrons (Way to go Emily and Aidan!).

Check out the photos from Outdoor Fun program held on August 8, 2017.  We had fun racing ice block heroes, tossing sponge bombs and hula hooping!

Photos from Big Truck Day at SLTL.  We hosted some of the big equipment from the Sand Lake Department of Public Works on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.  Thank you to the DPW for coming!

Check out the photos from our Kindness Rocks program held on Tuesday, July 25th.  Thanks to all who came out!

Photos from the 2017 Teddy Bear Sleepover–they were a wild and crazy bunch!  We are all going to need naps.

Everything was calm for story time…

A fun game of monopoly

Fun on our magnet board

A game of hide and seek was next! Jerome was ‘it”

Do you see Savannah and Wolfie?

Bunny is here somewhere!

Hamster was our winner with this spot!

Do you see Minnie?

Rainbow Dash is here somewhere!

Where is Marshall?

The gang decided to play baseball…not sure that is a great idea!

Uh-oh book cart races?? This is getting out of hand!

Good grief–sword fights?

Phew, time for bed!

Phew, time for bed!

Builders’ Club – Konnor created many things with the new Keva Planks set.  This furniture set was very impressive.


The film class at SLCA was in today to work on their film project.  To see their finished product, stop by Sand Lake Center for the Arts on Friday, July 21st at 11:30am.


On July 17, Make-It Monday, we made emoticon magnets….    Join us Aug 7th to make a box top maze.


Thursday’s Valley Cats visit brought in a lot of people to see South Paw….


Photos from our Summer Library Fair & Book Sale (June 24th, 2017)



Photos from our most recent Lego Club!

Joshua “Secret Book of Snakes”

Photos from Amazing Graves held October 15-16, 2016.  A special thanks to Donna Tallman for allowing us to use her pictures.  Thanks to all our volunteers who helped make Amazing Graves such a success!

img_1350 img_1351 img_1352 img_1353 img_1355 img_1356 img_1357 img_1358 img_1359 img_1360 img_1365 img_1369 img_1370 img_1371 img_1372 img_1373 img_1374 img_1375 img_1380 img_1381 img_1382 img_1383 img_1384

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.

Isaac, 9 "The Building Station 3 HD"

Isaac, 9 “The Building Station 3 HD”

Adam, 7 "The Space Ship"

Adam, 7 “The Space Ship”

Photos from our time at the Schaghticoke Fair on Saturday, September 3, 2016!

SDC12233 SDC12234 SDC12237

Photos from August 24th’s Lego Club…       next session will be September 22nd.

SDC12225      Battlefield by Aiden, age 6.

Photos from the Library Olympics held on August 9, 2016

20160809_143044 20160809_143048 20160809_143058 20160809_143421 SDC12192

Photos from our 2016 Teddy Bear Camp-Out!

SDC12148 SDC12173SDC12170SDC12159SDC12152SDC12154 SDC12156 SDC12162 SDC12165 SDC12166 SDC12176 SDC12183

Photos from Star Wars Training Academy (August 2, 2016)

SDC12122 SDC12123 SDC12124 SDC12125 SDC12126 SDC12127 SDC12128 SDC12129 SDC12130 SDC12131 SDC12132 SDC12133

Photos from July’s LEGO Club….  Our next meeting will be Thursday, August 25.

Bennett's and Dad's Creations

Bennett’s and Dad’s Creations

We had a great visit with SouthPaw from the TriCity ValleyCats on Thursday, July 21, 2016.

SDC12110 SDC12111 SDC12112 SDC12113 SDC12114 SDC12115 SDC12116 SDC12117 SDC12118

Check our the photos from “Gizmos, Gadgets & Games, Little Bits” program held on July 13, 2016.  All the participants had fun building their UFO’s that included working lights and sound.

SDC12106 SDC12107 SDC12108 SDC12109

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  Our next Lego Club will take place on July 28th, 2016 at 4 PM.

Logan, 9 "Battle Island"

Logan, 9 “Battle Island”

Alicia, 11 "Kingdom"

Alicia, 11 “Kingdom”


Check out the photos from our Fancy Nancy Tea party!  Everyone looked great and had a wonderful time!

SDC12092 SDC12093 SDC12094 SDC12095 SDC12096 SDC12097 SDC12098 SDC12099 SDC12100 SDC12101 SDC12102 SDC12103 SDC12104 SDC12105

The gang at “Tinkering: Bridges and Skyscrapers.”  After building their bridges and skyscrapers, they all worked together to build a castle (shown below).

Tallest skyscraper:  81.5″ – Gavin and Jacob

Second tallest: 76″ – Kevin and Baden

Our Castle


Check out the photos from the 2016 Annual Library Fair and Summer Reading Kick-off!  A special thanks to Uncharted Wild for bringing their reptiles.   Thanks to all our volunteers who helped make it such a fun day!

SDC12047 SDC12048 SDC12050 SDC12052 SDC12053 SDC12054 SDC12059 SDC12060 SDC12061 SDC12062 SDC12064 SDC12065 SDC12066 SDC12068 SDC12072 SDC12073 SDC12074 SDC12077 SDC12079 SDC12080

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  Join us Saturday, July 16th at 11:30 AM for a special edition of Lego Club that will include an I Spy the Lego Guy hunt!

Elsa "Double Winnie the Pooh"

Elsa “Double Winnie the Pooh”

Will "Face Head"

Will “Face Head”

Theo "Swords"

Theo “Swords”

Liam "Space Attack"

Liam “Space Attack”

Photos from past Lego Clubs:

Jacob, "Extreme Maze Runner"

Jacob, “Extreme Maze Runner”

Gavin, "Grand Heist"

Gavin, “Grand Heist”

Photos from our May 5, 2016 Dog Themed Storytime with Miss MaryMargaret.  The special guest star was Cricket, Miss MaryMargaret’s dog.  She came to help teach our storytime friends all about dogs, how to approach them and how not to be scared of them.  She was a wonderful guest and everyone loved her!

SDC11968 SDC11970 SDC11971 SDC11972 SDC11973 SDC11976

Photos from our most recent Lego Club!  We’ve also started putting our Lego Creations on display for a couple weeks in our display case!  Our next Lego Club will be held Thursday, May 26th from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

Gavin "The Turf War"

Gavin “The Turf War”

Jacob, "Chamber of Secrets II"

Jacob, “Chamber of Secrets II”

Rowan, "The Doom of Hogwarts"

Rowan, “The Doom of Hogwarts”

SDC11964 SDC11965

Renovation Update–the third week is complete!  The room has been re-painted and the new lighting and new carpet have both been installed.  We need to clean up a bit and then we’ll start the process of moving the shelves, books and furniture back in.

20160223_134709 20160223_134752 20160223_134801

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  What a great crowd!  Our next Lego Club will be Thursday, February 25th from 4-5 PM.

Bella, 8 "The Snake Dragon Warrior Raptor"

Bella, 8 “The Snake Dragon Warrior Raptor”

Cole, 6 "A Boat"

Cole, 6 “A Boat”

Liam 9, "Pirates Version of a Treehouse"

Liam 9, “Pirates Version of a Treehouse”

Liam, 9 "Sand Striker"

Liam, 9 “Sand Striker”

Isaac, 8 "The Inventing House"

Isaac, 8 “The Inventing House”

Jackson, 6 "The House"

Jackson, 6 “The House”

Jacob, 6 "Skeletons Dungeon"

Jacob, 6 “Skeletons Dungeon”

Kira, 10 "Flying Car"

Kira, 10 “Flying Car”

Gavin, 9 "K-1 Speed"

Gavin, 9 “K-1 Speed”

Quinn, 5 "A Pirate Ship"

Quinn, 5 “A Pirate Ship”

Cole, 6 "A Boat"

Cole, 6 “A Boat”

Renovation Update–the second week of renovation is complete!  We have a beautiful new ceiling, a soffit above the soon-to-be-circulation desk and the walls are being patched and prepped for fresh paint.

SDC11881 SDC11882 SDC11884

Photos from our most recent Lego Club (January 28, 2016.)

Gavin & Jacob "Walkway Through Worlds"

Gavin & Jacob “Walkway Through Worlds”

Mason, "The Playground"

Mason, “The Playground”

Renovation “In Progress” photos:

We are one week into our renovation and everything looks good!  The old carpet, old ceiling and lights have all been removed. The new ceiling is almost complete!  Check back here periodically for updates…

20160202_161034 20160202_161053 20160202_161105

Photos of the packing process for the upcoming renovation.  Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help–we could not have done it without you!

SDC11871 SDC11858 SDC11872 SDC11863 SDC11857 SDC11852 SDC11851 SDC11850 SDC11849 SDC11848 SDC11845 SDC11844 SDC11842

Photos of some of our creations at our “Relax & Color” program on December 19, 2015. We’ll be offering this program again in February.  Stay tuned to our website or Facebook page for more details.

SDC11825 SDC11824 SDC11823

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  Join us for our next Lego Club on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 4 PM.

Jacob, 6, "Monster Horrorland"

Jacob, 6, “Monster Horrorland”

Rowan, 5, "Doom Island"

Rowan, 5, “Doom Island”

Gavin, 9, "The Game for the Phantom"

Gavin, 9, “The Game for the Phantom”

Check out these photos from our recent “Catching the Sun” Permaculture program.  We helped build a Passive Solar Food Dehydrator from almost entirely salvaged materials.

SDC11789 SDC11790 SDC11791 SDC11795 SDC11796 SDC11797 SDC11798 SDC11799

Photos from past Lego Clubs:

Gavin, 9 & Jacob, 6 "The Battle of the Chamber"

Jacob, 6 & Gavin, 9 “The Battle of the Chamber”

Photos from past Lego Clubs:

Rowan, 5, "Giant Snake with Swords for Teeth"

Rowan, 5, “Giant Snake with Swords for Teeth”

Liam, 9 "Wheel saws" & "The Sand Village"

Liam, 9 “Wheel saws” & “The Sand Village”

Evan 9 "The Temple of Wheels" & Jack, 7, "The J Ship"

Evan 9 “The Temple of Wheels” & Jack, 7, “The J Ship”

Superhero Boot Camp photos from August 11, 2015:

20150811_142802 20150811_142340 20150811_142013 20150811_142000

Nora, 6, "A Work in Prograss"

Nora, 6, “A Work in Progress”

Gavin,8, Vinnie, 8 & Jacob, 6 "The Basilisk's Battle"

Gavin,8, Vinnie, 8 & Jacob, 6 “The Basilisk’s Battle”

Isaac, 8, "Wizard's House"

Isaac, 8, “Wizard’s House”

Adam, 5, "Wizard (Alien) House"

Adam, 5, “Wizard (Alien) House”

Tommy, 8, "The Chicken Saver"

Tommy, 8, “The Chicken Saver”

Here are photos from the Traveling Pond program on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

20150722_142137 20150722_142547 20150722_144134 20150722_144647 20150722_144905 20150722_145729

Photos from a recent Lego Club:

Nora, "Deadly Maze"

Nora, “Deadly Maze”

Colin and Vinne, "Colin and Vinnie's War"

Colin and Vinne, “Colin and Vinnie’s War”

Photos from the STEAM Ahead with Makey-Makey program on Monday, July 20, 2015.

20150720_145951 20150720_150011 20150720_150036 20150720_150118 20150720_150152

Photos from our visit with SouthPaw from the Tri-City ValleyCats on July 16, 2015.

SDC11558 SDC11559 SDC11561 SDC11562

Photos from the Makedo Windball program on Tuesday, July 14th. Look like fun?  Click on our calendar to see our summer programming.

SDC11549SDC11553 SDC11552 SDC11551

Thank you to all who came out for our 2015 Summer Reading Library Fair and Used Book Sale.  Thank you to all our volunteers–we couldn’t have done it without you!  Check out some photos from Saturday:

SDC11505 SDC11507 SDC11512 SDC11514 SDC11518 SDC11519 SDC11524 SDC11528

Photos from past Lego Clubs:

Will and Maddie's (both 5) Creation

Will and Madelyn’s (both 5) Creation

Rowan, 3

Roan, 3

Photos from previous Lego Club’s:

Adam, 5, "The Neighborhood"

Adam, 5, “The Neighborhood”

Isaac, 7, "The Robot Team Hide Out"

Isaac, 7, “The Robot Team Hideout”

Ethan, 6, "The Battle"

Ethan, 6, “The Battle”

Madelyn, 5, "Trap Arresto Gate"

Madelyn, 5, “Trap Arresto Gate”

Roan, 3, "Rocket Zip Rock"

Roan, 3, “Rocket Zip Rock”

Isaac, 7, "The Turbo Wrecking Ball Car 2000"

Isaac, 7, “The Turbo Wrecking Ball Car 2000”

On Thursday evening, December 18, friends, family, and fellow volunteers came together to celebrate the years of service given to the Sand Lake Town Library by long-term Board President Terrence Dingman.  Mr Dingman is stepping down after more than 10 years of dedicated service to the Sand Lake Town Library.   Below are pictures from the reception.

T. Dingman, F. Fasoldt, R. Turner

T. Dingman, F. Fasoldt, R. Turner

F. Fasoldt reading the town proclamation thanking Mr. Dingman for his dedicated service.

F. Fasoldt reading the town proclamation thanking Mr. Dingman for his dedicated service.

T. Dingman and C. Blanchard

T. Dingman and C. Blanchard

Cake for reception

Cake for reception


On Saturday, November 1 we started work on what we hope will eventually become an outdoor reading garden.  The First step was creating a hugelkultur – a type of raised bed built over logs.

Basic hugelkultur complete

Basic hugelkultur complete

   With the addition of some bulbs for spring blooms, our hugelkultur is ready to rest for the winter.


Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 23rd from 4:00-5:00 PM.  All are welcome!

Cole, 5, "The Cars"

Cole, 5, “The Cars”

Ethan, 6, "The Store"

Ethan, 6, “The Store”

Thomas, 7, "Full Armed Battle Snake"

Thomas, 7, “Full Armed Battle Snake”

Quinn, 4, "Helicopter"

Quinn, 4, “Helicopter”

Some of our animal guests from the fascinating “Animals Say the Darndest Things” program on September 20th

Your local pirates!  “Talk Like a Pirate Day” was September 19th!



Photos from past Lego Clubs.

Nate, 6, "The Castle"

Nate, 6, “The Castle”

Ethan, 6, "Harry Potter's Skateboarding Ladder Truck"

Ethan, 6, “Harry Potter’s Skateboarding Ladder Truck”

Photos from our storytime visit with the Tri City Valley Cats mascot Southpaw on July 17th, 2014.

Storytime with Southpaw

Storytime with Southpaw

Storytime with Southpaw

Storytime with Southpaw

Photos from our Library Fair to kick off Summer Reading 2014.  Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to all our volunteers!

More 2014 Lego Club Photos:

Ryan, 8, "The Snakes and Kings Palace"

Ryan, 8, “The Snakes and Kings Palace”

Christopher (Topher), 7, "The Car of Doom"

Christopher (Topher), 7, “The Car of Doom”

Nicholas, 7, "The Snowboarder Jumps into the Snake Cave"

Nicholas, 7, “The Snowboarder Jumps into the Snake Cave”

Photos from our May Day celebration!

Learning how to sew the flower wreaths

Learning how to sew the flower wreaths

Photos from our most recent Lego Club.  Next Lego Club will meet May 15th from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

Evan, 7, "The Bathroom"

Evan, 7, “The Bathroom”

Jack, 5, "The Bathroom"

Jack, 5, “The Bathroom”

Kira, 8, "Creative Art"

Kira, 8, “Creative Art”

Quinn, 3, "My race car and monster truck"

Quinn, 3, “My race car and monster truck”

Cole, 4, "A race car and airplane"

Cole, 4, “A race car and airplane”

Gavin, 7, "Chamber of Secrets Opened Again"

Gavin, 7, “Chamber of Secrets Opened Again”

Jacob, 4, "Ninjago Robot vs. the Evil Robot Ninja"

Jacob, 4, “Ninjago Robot vs. the Evil Robot Ninja”

Ryan, 7, "The Mountain Fight"

Ryan, 7, “The Mountain Fight”

Jayden, 5, "Minnie and Mickey Walk Home"

Jayden, 5, “Minnie and Mickey Walk Home”

Emma, 6, "The Arbor"

Emma, 6, “The Arbor”

Photos of the dedication of the carousel bookcase in honor on Kathryn Butkus Hardy on January 10, 2014.  Her family and friends gathered for the dedication on what would have been her 56th birthday.   The bookcase was crafted by Robert Harris and donated to the library by Marybeth Pettit and Alejandro Sela.

Photos from the Halloween themed Story Time with Miss MaryMargaret on Monday, October 28, 2013.  A great time was had by all! Remember–Story Time takes place every Thursday at 11:15.  Feel free to join in!

Photos from Author Jenny Milchman’s visit on Sept 18, 2013.  She discussed her novel “Cover of Snow”

Welcome to SLTL’s 2013 Library Fair!

 Enjoying a tea party and story!

 Bounce house fun! Magic Show State Police K-9 dog “Mike” and his partner

Face-painting and games for everyone!  Thanks to all who came out and helped us kick off the 2013 Summer Reading program!
Library Fair 004Library Fair 005
Supervisor Rounds cutting the ribbon to open our renovated Children’s Room.
Library Fair 011Library Fair 008Library Fair 007

Listening to Rural Felicity, a group of Revolutionary War era musicians.

Library Fair 028 Library Fair 026
Creations from Victor the Clown.

Join us for more fun programs throughout the summer!